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So much for getting my Comcast discount

November 11th, 2006 at 11:03 am

That post is under the "Savings" category. But it should be "Savings... or trying to". Smile

So I just called Comcast. First I wanted to make sure a credit from my account at the previous address had, in fact, been credited to my new account, which it had.

Second, I wanted to cancel an international channel we receive. It cost $9.95 (yes, $9.95 for ONE channel) a month and I barely watch it. That was a waste. They charge me a one time fee of $1.95 for change of service. All I could do was sigh at it. $1.95 for a guy to go into my account and click the "delete" button next to that channel. That must be worht that much, at least!

Last, I asked for a discount. I explained that I have been with Comcast for 5 years, like their service, BUT they were expensive and I now had the opportunity to go with other providers of high speed internet and cable TV for cheaper than what they offered. The rep replied he couldn't give me a promotional offer, to which I quickly replied that I was not interested in a promotional rate, I just wanted a discount on my current rate. He ended transfering me to some other department because he couldn't anything for me apparently.
The woman I then spoke with told me she couldn't offer any discount because I was getting the $25 dish buy-back credit already. I explained that I had been a cutomer of Comcast for 5 years... yaddi-yaddi-yadda!! Same speach all over again. I also mentioned that I should not be getting the dish buy-back credit anymore, that it should have stopped on 10/21. I AM TELLING HER THAT COMCAST DOESN'T OWE ME THIS MONEY ANYMORE!!! You'd think she would run a stop it. But no, she would not change her speach about the dish promotion and that I couldn't get any other discount because of it.
I was not very subtle about the fact that RCN offers a better rate and that I was consider mocing my business to them... I guess Comcast doesn't really care about their retention rate!

3 Responses to “So much for getting my Comcast discount”

  1. paigu Says:

    I concur; Comcast customer service is AWFUL. I'm still getting billed for service at my old address, and each phone call to them is a 1 hr ordeal at least. Also, their alleged "free" installation turned out to be a mail in rebate that I have yet to receive. However, they have the monopoly in NJ, and the other cable/dsl services do not have good reputation. So....boo, comcast.

  2. Champion Cheapskate Says:

    Don't give up! Keep trying to get discounts everywhere. Blockhead reps, yuck!. I ask to speak to a supervisor (get names). It may not work but at least you speak with someone who had the power to act.

  3. Lau Says:

    Paigu - I feel your pain... I did not have a choice with comcast before. I do now.
    Cheapstake... I don't even want to bother at that point. As I sais in my post, I told the rep out right that if I didn't get a discount I would switch.
    I gave a call to RCN yesterday after I was done with Comcast to request info: I could save 50%. No new installation to make, we can use our current modem, great! So I spoke with my husband about it, and we decided to make the switch. Some one from RCN is coming next Saturday! Smile

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