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Got myself a shinny new Roth IRA

January 18th, 2007 at 03:02 pm

So I was opening myself a Roth IRA on Vanguard yesterday when I could not find any fund that had a minimum investment less than $3,000. So I gave up on it...

Today, Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity posted this blog today: Go Open A Roth IRA Right Now!!!, which gave me a little extra motivation to check it out again. So I found a fund that requires $1,000 minimum investment, which I can do.

So guess what? I did it... I am now the proud owner of a Roth IRA account.

------- Edit ------
This morning, even the Consumerist was suggesting the post by Jim:
Open A Roth IRA Now

Now do you think you should open that Roth IRA??

4 Responses to “Got myself a shinny new Roth IRA”

  1. living_in_oz Says:

    Way to go! We need to start looking into something like that too. Since we've been watching our finances so well, we actually have a surplus to invest in our future!

  2. dickyvman Says:

    Vanguard does actually offer one fund that only requires a minimum of $1000 invested for a Roth IRA. Its the STAR fund. https://flagship.vanguard.com/VGApp/hnw/FundsFeesMinimums?F...

  3. Amber Says:

    Way to go, thanks dicky for the link I am going to check it out

  4. Lau Says:

    Thanks everyone... It was actually fairly easy and quick to set up. And contributions I make and still tax deductible for 2006. I don't remember when the deadline is.

    Dicky - that is exactly the fund I picked.

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