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Job interview... didn't go so well

April 3rd, 2007 at 02:13 pm

I've wanted to work at Deloitte's Financial Advisory Services for a few years now. I've gotten in touch with fellow alumni who work there, applied to all the job which description match my skills, had informal phone interviews, and so on.

A few weeks ago, tada! I get a phone call saying that my resume popped up and they're interested in having me interview. Yay!

I went through a phone screening, a first round of interviews, and a second round of interviews on Friday.

Phone call came a little later on Friday from HR: "Thank you, but No Thank you!". I am told that my SQL Server and VB skills are not solid enough. Ok, so I don't use SQL Server, I use Oracle. I don't use VB, I use Java, Javascript, ASP and PHP. They're not the same, but once you know a programming language or a DBMS, it's just a mater of adjusting. So yeah, I'm a little pissed because I think the guy's explaination holds no water!

I still emailed him and thanked him for his time, blah, blah, blah... I also added that I was very motivated and wanted to know what I could/where I could go to improve these 2 skills. That's how much I wanted this job. If he told me to jump of a bridge to get it, I would. I also called him at the end of the day (we're still Friday at that point).

Well... I don't know what happened. He must have though I was harassing him because I got a phone call this morning from the same person at HR I had been speaking with. She leaves me a voicemail telling me that they will not follow up with my candidacy (I knew that already) "be it now or in the future"... WHAT (???). She tells me verbatim: "You can continue to look at our site, and apply for positions, but other than [in that group], but I don't want you to keep reaching out to [that guy]."

What is this all about??? Basically she's telling me that I could become a SQL Server and VB expert, they would not consider me. What did I ever do to that guy?? So that's the part I am fuming about.

Am I overreacting here or should I feel that enraged?

5 Responses to “Job interview... didn't go so well”

  1. moi aussi Says:

    Sorry about your interview.. In have had the same experience with them a few years back. I went in for Programming position and guess what? The interviewer asked me syntax questions!! Helloo!!!
    I think they have old(er) ppl working in thier technical field who only know one programming language and know all the syntax by heart!!!
    I mean syntax is not important!! What matters is how you can apply your logic etc.

  2. Lau Says:

    Well toi aussi Smile You know... I wasn't even asked specific questions about my knowledge in programming. I took a small SQL test, which I passed. So I don't understand...

  3. baselle Says:

    Hmmm, Around Seattle, even getting the phone call "no" is a win - it meant that you were a strong contender. Everybody's so passive/aggressive here that hearing nothing is the no.

    It sounds like the original thought was that your interview panel figured wouldn't be as good a fit personally with the group/boss you'll be working with as their pick but wanted to let you off gently by using the differences at hand. Your eagerness got misinterpreted as desperation/pressing too hard and they used their HR department to press back.

    Remember, they don't have to hire you. Even if you were perfect in every way, hiring you is a choice.

    If you have a friend close to the situation on the inside, you might want to ask - quietly, after a month - whether that's the case. And you'll have to let things cool down for at least a year - give the original panel time to forget you.

  4. Lau Says:

    Baselle - I truly appreciate the advice/constructive criticism. I really do want to work at Deloitte, but am I desperate? No. If you feel my action came across that way, maybe so did they. I will try to balance that in the future so that it is being understood as motivation, not desperation.

    I keep an eye on openings, but will not apply for a while. I have what can only be described as barely an acquaintance there. He is an alumni from my university and I had contacted him a while ago to get more information on his job. I'm not sure I could talk to him about this.

  5. baselle Says:

    Lau - I can't tell you whether or not you sounded desperate. I can tell that you sounded eager Smile which is a good quality to have 95% of the time.

    I think your big take home message is that hiring is a high-touch, human, almost political (boy, that's a little strong!) process. Interviews are often a dance of the seven veils - show 'em good stuff but not too much. And that works for the interview panel too. Smile
    Sometimes the most qualified person gets the job, but more often its the qualified/like the person/fits the personality of the team/ person gets it. But you know that already.

    Good luck with your job search and your interviews - don't be afraid to show your personality. It could be that Deloitte not giving you the nod is a blessing in disguise.

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