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Rant about work!!

July 9th, 2007 at 11:57 am

I am very angry right now. Here's the deal, we have been in a office for the past year where we all share one room. I don't mind it so much, but we are all craving some kind of privacy. Well, there it is! We are moving tomorrow in permanent spaces. Problem? There are a limited number of "real" offices and the rest are cubicles.

When the announcement was made a few months ago that we would be moving by our director of something-something-very-important, I had asked him for one of the "real" office. Why did I think I deserved it? Well, I'm the employee with the most seniority. I have been working here for 4 years and the next most senior employee has been here for only 1 year. He told me would get it.

Today, he tells me that I am not getting one of the offices. No, I am getting a cubicle. Well, that's just BS! Especially when the people who are getting offices are:
- The CEO, alright, I guess she could get one
- The CFO, who is there part time
- One sales guy, who is NEVER here, always traveling left and right
- Our dear director of something-something-very-important. The guy has been here a few months and I know so much more than he does, but he has "Director" in his title, so he gets an office.

This is so unfair.

I realize that it's very trivial,but it's little things like that that make me feel so not appreciated and make me want to tell them where they can go.

Where does the picture of the rock fit in all of this? Well, it doesn't, but I like it Smile

5 Responses to “Rant about work!!”

  1. carol Says:

    It's not trivial if someone told you something that got your hopes and expectations up, then smashed them down.

    Is there anyone you can speak to about this?

  2. Carolina Bound Says:

    I went through this myself when I was working; although I didn't get a cubicle, I got a small office with a giantic post of some kind in the middle. A junior employee got the nice corner office. I think it was a mistake, but it felt personal.

    It sounds like they went straight for the position titles and not by seniority at all. That's not unusual, but I do feel for you!

  3. Lau Says:

    We're here today.
    I thought yesterday that, maybe, just maybe, I over-reacted and did not understand everything. Maybe I was getting that office.

    Well, I understood just fine. When I walked in this morning, our super-duper director points to the cubicles and tell me: "you can choose the one you want". I pointed to the offices and said: "I want one of those". He handed me a floor plan. All the "important" people have their names printed in the offices, and all the "less important" people can have a cubicle. This truly infuriates me!

    I'm really not in a mood to work today. If the boss thinks that the guy who's been there for 2 months is more important than me, REGARDLESS of his title, I know where I stand.

  4. carol Says:

    Thanks for the update. If this is the case, then it's my humble opinion that perhaps you might want to completely re evaluate whether or not you want to continue working at this place for a boss like this.

    I am concerned that it will only get worse from here.
    I've had bosses like that and personally, I refuse to continue to work for a bad boss like that. Does your boss have a boss? If so, then it's time to talk to your boss's boss.

  5. Lau Says:

    Carol - my boss is THE boss. She's the CEO of the company. I actually just talked to her about this. I asked about the offices. She replied: "what about the offices?"
    "Well, are going to be used?"... "Yes, they're all going to be occupied".

    As far as I know, there's no one else in the company. I don't know who is going to be using the remaining one.

    I'm really fuming right now. It's sad, because it's such a ridiculous issue.

    I think I'll be updating my resume and linkedin profile now...

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